I had spent so long writing and re-writing Humpty (five years) that I had not given much thought about what would happen next.

Eight months before publication, my wife Jeanne and I, knowing that we were going to be out in California for our youngest daughter’s graduation, set up an appointment to meet with Josh Jason, the publicist for Schaffner Press. When the meeting took place one of the things he asked was this; if I could get any author in the world to give a quote for Humpty, who would it be?

I’m a huge John Burdett fan. His novels brim with suspense, philosophy, wacky characters, and unpredictable turns. His fans strike me as the perfect audience to appreciate Humpty. In my best case scenario each one would read Humpty, love it, then buy ten copies to give to their best friends. So as a lark I said John Burdett, not really thinking anything more about it.

To my absolute amazement Jason called, four months later with this: “A rollicking page turner that engrosses from page one — a unique, hip, urban whodunit that ushers in a new voice to the mystery genre.” John Burdett. The words seemed to propel me off the ground. It was a moment of magic, a true unexpected joy before the book was even published! I could hardly wait to see what happened next.