I am in the middle of my first re-write of the new book, so I’m going to keep this blog entry short but I thought this event was definitely worth taking the time to report:

Monty Python said: “Never expect the Spanish inquisition;” Boy Scout leaders say, “Prepare for the worst:” and then there’s always Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will.”

My wife Jeanne and I went up to Hopewell Junction to do a reading at a library. Usually these readings are attended by forty to sixty people. I had my text printed out as well as a new Reading Group Guide for HUMPTY DUMPTY WAS PUSHED (view the Reading Group Guide here) which I was excited to share.

The reading was scheduled for seven o’clock. As we drove up to the library there was a huge sign that said “Marc Blatte is reading from his book HUMPTY DUMPTY WAS PUSHED” complete with the date and time. Very unexpected … in a good way.

What was not expected in a good way was the smoke in the air as we approached our destination or the number of fire trucks and police cars blocking the way to the library! Turns out there was a fire in a huge house near the library and all roads in the vicinity were cordoned off to the public. Worth referencing the wisdom of Mr. Murphy again: “”Anything that can go wrong, will.”

In the end, only one local person showed up and he was a teen-age library volunteer who was recruited. Three of our friends from the area somehow managed to get through the barricades and made it … but except for my wife Jeanne, myself, and Cynthia the librarian who organized the reading, that was it: all tolled, seven of us.

When given lemons make lemonade… Because there were so few people present I felt emboldened to try something I had always wanted to try. In addition to doing a bit of reading myself I asked up a couple of people in the audience to read: in this case Jeanne and our friend Paul. It was magnificent! Paul read with a British Oxford accent (he was born in the UK and educated there, so it was legit) that gave HUMPTY a bit of “Masterpiece Theater” flavor, and Jeanne delivered a dramatic reading of Vooko in the Hamptons that brought out the funny and poignant aspects of the chapter beautifully.

In the future I will have more readings done by civilians, they really keep things lose and help create a festive atmosphere.

Going to get back to the new book now. REMEMBER: In case of fire, carry on!!!!!