I’ve already mentioned how rewarding the support from readers and other writers has been as I’ve begun this new career as an author. 
But there have been weird moments.  Really weird. 
I’m always surprised when someone asks me a question I haven’t been expecting.  To give you a little peek at this surreal aspect of a writer’s life—OK, also of a songwriter’s life—I am going to list my Top 5 “Stranger than Fiction” comments received in the course of exposing myself … my work that is … to the world:

  • Oh, you wrote a book…how many pages is it?
  • Oh you wrote a book…how many copies have you sold?
  • If I buy your book and hate it, can I tell you?
  • Can you give me a copy?
  • Is it going to be made into a movie? Can I be in the movie?

I could tell you I was fleet-of-mind and answered brilliantly.  But as always, I’d rather leave you in suspense.  What would you have said?  Let me know….