Marc Blatte


A simple request from a rich kid tweaker ends with two violent deaths and it’s up to the relentless, face reading, badass Homicide detective, Black Sallie Blue Eyes to find the killer before more people die.

Criminal rapper wannabes from the projects in Far Rockaway to the mansions and manicured lawns of Westchester and the Hamptons, Tribeca poseurs, Wittgenstein-spouting impresarios, fetishists, billionaires and one hardcore Eastern European refugee dead-set on revenge, old-school style are all part of this baffling case.


My IPG sales rep was kind enough to send along an advance copy of your wonderful new crime novel, Humpty Dumpty was Pushed.  I flew through it immediately as did my wife.  What fun!  Blatte may have written the first truly wonderful hip-hop noir.  The Albanian Kosovar characters come alive with lively originality and their notion of race and big money in the US is brilliantly rendered.  Actually the notion of race is handled quite sensitively in its jokey way.  It's hard to believe this is his first novel.  If there's anything I can do to help you publicize the book, let me know.  Blatte has a terrific future.
Paul Ingram
Prairie Lights Books


Hip-hop heist
They say you should never judge a book by its cover, and
certainly not by its title, but come on, is a title like Humpty
Dumpty Was Pushed (Schaffner Press, $24.95, 284 pages, ISBN
9780980139419) irresistible, or what? The cleverness of Marc
Blatte’s edgy debut thriller doesn’t end there.
                         The characters are a bit larger than life, to be sure, but that is a formula 
                   that has worked well for Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey and Janet Evanovich,
 to name but a few.

"Marc Blatte writes like a freight train on fire. Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed is as elegantly twisted and satisfying as the best urban crime novels . . . as crackling and colorful as the city of New York itself."  —Fred Berner, executive producer, Law & Order 

"A rollicking page-turner that engrosses the reader from page one—a unique, hip, urban whodunit that ushers in a new voice to the mystery 
genre."  —John Burdett, author, Bangkok 8 and Bangkok Ghosts 

“Here's a book that gets it. Not fake gets it, but really gets it.“
 — Writer/director Abel Ferrara, King of New York , and Bad Lieutenant, Mary, 2005 Venice Film Festival  Special Jury Prize

"Marc Blatte puts his street cred on the line with this hugely entertaining, roller coaster ride through New York's most dangerous, most colorful precincts." —Ken Kalfus, 2006 National Book Award Finalist in Fiction for  A Disorder Peculiar to the Country, PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, finalist, author: Thirst, PU-239, The Commissarat of Enlightenment; reviewer, New York Times Book Review

"Reading Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed, the pages flew. I went through them like money. Marc is a natural born storyteller, as incapable of writing a boring sentence as he was in his former life of writing a lackluster melody."  — Peter De Jonge, author, coauthor of the best-seller Beach House, with James Patterson, contributor The New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine 

"After living in California all these years, it's a pleasure to be hit with this big dose of New York energy. A broad spectrum of characters appears here, dangerous flaws and wild humanity intact."  —Marianne Rogoff, San Francisco Chronicle