Praise for Humpty

“Blatte is utterly fearless…the audacious dialogue makes Humpty Dumpty seem like a cross between a Grand Theft Auto game and a Richard Price book.”
—The Philadelphia Inquirer

“After living in California all these years, it’s a pleasure to be hit with this big dose of New York energy.”
—San Francisco Chronicle

“Marc is a natural-born storyteller, as incapable of writing a boring sentence as he was in his former life writing a lackluster melody.”
—Peter de Jonge, co-author of The Beach House and contributor, New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine.

“Marc Blatte puts his street cred on the line with this hugely entertaining, rollercoaster ride through New York’s most dangerous, most colorful precincts. His bouncers, police ?detectives, and hip-hop musicians are unforgettable men and women who collide, with unfortunate results, in one unforgettable novel.”
—Ken Kalfus, 2006 National Book Award Finalist, A Disorder Peculiar to the Country

“A dark, witty, and often brilliant novel. Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed is such shocking good fun, you won’t feel guilty about laughing at all the carnage.”
—Mystery Scene

“Marc Blatte’s novel is ”da bomb.” The suspense, colorful hip-hop slang. character nicknames and humorous banter kept me turning the pages. He has created the first wonderful “hip-hop noir” mystery that even a farm girl from Iowa couldn’t put down.”

“Be forewarned, it’s no cozy, and it ain’t your mother’s thriller either. It’s gritty, it’s today’s urban, and if they could get it in the right hands, it could turn a generation into readers.”
—Type M for Murder

“A rollicking page turner that engrosses from page one — a unique, hip, urban whodunit that ushers in a new voice to the mystery genre.”
—John Burdett, Author, Bangkok 8

“Marc Blatte writes like a freight train on fire. Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed is a page-turner that serves up plot as elegantly twisted and satisfying as the best urban crime novels…as crackling and colorful as the city of New York itself.”
—Fred Berner, Executive Producer, Law & Order

“As I got into the book, I found I couldn’t put it down. It kept me riveted”
—Laura’s Book and Movie Review