Street Justice-The Rake


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Records From 1983 Reviewed
Artist: The Rake
Title: Street Justice - 12"
Producer: Marc Blatte, Larry Gottlieb, Jay Rifkin.
Label: Profile - 1983 In the social commentary vein established by "The Message" this cut is a serious story of how the Rake's experiences in the streets have removed his faith in the justice system. You need to remember when listening to this cut how old it is because all the situations detailed herein are still 100% relevant today. The Rake has an extreme degree of talent and his hard, almost soulless voice slides like an alley cat over the groove and puts you right in the middle of the mayhem as he runs through the dark streets. His words carry a great deal of weight. This record may have been five years before "Straight Outta Compton" but it shows that hip-hop wasn't all Adidas and parties at the time.