Outside one of the town’s hottest nightclubs, at 4 a.m., a young man is found murdered—no robbery, no clues—only yellow socks and bling to tell the victim’s tale.

Take to the streets with Detective Salvatore, aka “Black Sallie Blue Eyes,” Messina as he and his crew track down the killer, and meet up with a host of characters from all walks of New York society: rapstar wannabes; Wittgenstein-quoting record moguls; a kinky female wrestler; downtown hipster tweakers; a billionaire real estate tycoon; and one Eastern European refugee dead-set on revenge old-world style.

In what has been acclaimed as the first truly wonderful hip-hop noir, Marc Blatte has created a portrait of not only the city but society itself in this hilarious and rollicking first novel that is certain to draw comparisons to Tom Wolfe and Carl Hiaasen with its incisively satirical depiction of race, wealth, crime, amorality and justice.

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